Leonard Morse DDS was involved in a ten year successful litigation against officials of the Attorney General’s Office of New York during the time period when Eliot Spitzer was the Attorney General and Governor of New York State.Dr. Morse is interested in speaking about his experiences and his successful defense of a false B Felony indictment and a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit, Morse v. Spitzer, based on denial of a fair trial due to fabrication of evidence. He is also interested in speaking about Grand Jury proceedings and indictments, criminal trials, and Constitutional civil rights; these include prosecutorial immunity issues and due process.

Dr. Morse’s presentation will allow attendees to experience first-hand, exactly what it is like to be indicted on a “B” Felony health care fraud charge. The tactics used at Grand Jurys will be revealed and the audience will follow a ten-year odyssey through both criminal and civil litigations.  His insights will provide powerful tools to understanding the nuances of prosecutorial misconduct and how to defend  against it.

On Monday September 11, 2015 the lawsuit was front page news in the NY Law Journal after the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the verdict.  Morse’s lawsuit generated the 23rd highest jury verdict in New York State in 2013.

The government took the case to the US Supreme Court. The government’s failure at the highest level of the judicial system, resulted in a resounding victory and significant changes in the law, that in the end took 10 1/2 years to accomplish.


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